Homes 4 the Homeless

Author: Alex Campbell

Churches step in to find innovative housing for the unsheltered

The phrase in homelessness circles, “Not in my backyard” has a response from church congregations across the country: Yes, in God’s backyard. NIMBYism (Not in My Backyard) is the act of a community constantly denying allocation of space to help the unsheltered. But if the community fears that home values, or the quality of life will fall, take a look around you. Something worse is already happening if nothing is done.

Homeless housing in Los Angeles costing $750,000 per unit

Everyone agrees, the cost of housing is far too high.  Late last year, auditors in Los Angeles sounded an alarm after a review of 1000 units under construction for unhoused individuals averaged $600,000, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. This smashes the median home price in the United States, which Business Insider sets at $226,800. […]

WANTED: Donations of Building Materials for Tiny House Trailers

Long the toy of vacationers and retirees, travel trailers in recent years have unfortunately become the only shelter to thousands of people and families forced into homelessness. Homes 4 the Homeless has zeroed in on modular housing innovations in a tiny house format, but in the near-term we want to accelerate our research into various techniques of transitional housing.

10 Types of Innovation: The Visual Capitalist Infographic

There is a constant need for inspirational reading these days as we roll up our sleeves and work towards “reinventing the box.” Transitional, modular housing is certainly not a new idea, but it was refreshing to see that breakthroughs can come from a variety of places, not just from building something from scratch. The Visual Capitalist illustrated “The Innovation Wheel” which identifies 10 different types of innovations, beyond just the product offering.

Ben Bartlett: “The stakes are our freedom!”

Protests across the country over the death of George Floyd have highlighted continuing racial discrepancies in the United States and need for reforms. The issue of homelessness in particular has disproportionately affected minority and historically underserved communities.

NextGear: How a Natural Disaster Sparked the Idea for a Nonprofit

Steven Schneider is no newcomer to the automotive industry. He started out as an automotive detailer and has worked his way through almost all aspects of the industry. In 2012, he branched into automotive rental and sought out some financial help.

Thanks to Joe Moore for the shipping container donation

Big thanks to our board member Joe Moore of Joe Moore Painting & Roofing Windsor, California for the donation of a 20 foot storage container 👏🙏 #donation #nonprofit #shippingcontainerhouse #containerhome #homes4thehomeless #modularhome #modularhouse #modularhousing #tinyhouse #tinyhome #homelessness #homeless

Thank You, Workshop Architects!

A big thank you is in order. What started as a chance meeting with an architect has catapulted Homes 4 the Homeless into the thick of rapid response, transitional housing. In normal times, we might not have had such an opportunity to work with an architecture firm like Workshop Architects, but now with the COVID19 Pandemic and social distancing, we have the luxury of working with ten or more architects at a time, face-to-face via Zoom virtual meetings!

Thank You, Governor Newsom for Sheltering People during Covid19

@gavinnewsom thank you for everything you are doing to provide shelter for #homelessness during the pandemic. Let’s work together to provide more transitional housing for the people who will be needing it after we reopen California.

Thank You to DropIn Inc. Live Video

Homes 4 the Homeless would like to issue a heartfelt thank you to DropIn Inc., Louis Ziskin, Joseph Shemesh and the rest for their in-kind support and donation of their on-demand live video inspection service. DropIn is an LA-based tech company that wants to change the way the insurance companies process claims with two-way video claims processing and drone-based appraisals.