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Homes 4 the Homeless is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2018 after founder Steve Schneider’s house was burned down in the Sonoma wildfires. Armed with a new appreciation of what it was like to lose a home, Steve embarked on a mission to help others left in similar positions.

Since then more than 50 volunteers and a dozen organizations have jumped on board in service of Homes 4 the Homeless’s core mission: providing modular, affordable housing to all of those in need.

With a business model that harnesses a comprehensive supply chain, volunteers with specialized capabilities, and partners from a wide breadth of industries, Homes 4 the Homeless is uniquely situated to step in and make a difference.

Homes 4 the Homeless Founder Steve Schneider
Founder Steve Schneider after the 2017 wildfires.

Thank you to our partners

Architect firms, construction agencies, private businesses and fellow nonprofits have all generously agreed to donate their time and resources in support of our mission. We appreciate you!

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From community activists to city council and corporate board members, Homes 4 the Homeless is proud to have built up a team of top notch professionals in a wide breadth of relevant industries.

As a group from seasoned and diverse backgrounds, Homes 4 the Homeless is well-equipped to meet the demands of any project.

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Lori Harvey, Homes 4 the Homeless
Del Christensen, Homes 4 the Homeless
Sara Bernate full
Holly Bradley Homes 4 the Homeless
Vincent Horn Homes 4 the Homeless
Andriya Glessner full
Jonathan Parkhurst Full
Steve Schneider Homes 4 the Homeless
Diana Rumrill Homes 4 the Homeless
Alex Campbell, Homes 4 the Homeless
Allan Hemphill full
Ryan Cooper Full
Stephen Smulan, Homes 4 the Homeless
Wayne Kleefeld, Homes 4 Homeless
Harrison Friedes, full
Ben Bartlett, City Council Member
Lori Harvey, Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Del Christensen, Bay Area Council
Sara Bernate, Interior Architect
Mike Loganbill, VP & COO
Holly Bradley, Real Estate Agent
Vincent Horn, Electrician
Andriya Glessner, Owner of ConserveAwater
Jonathan Parkhurst, CEO of Safehvn
Steve Schneider, Founder & CEO
Diana Rumrill, Director of Outreach
Alex Campbell, Corporate Secretary
Allan Hemphill, Chairman of Summit State Bank
Ryan Cooper, Actor
Stephen Smulan, Director of Projects
Wayne Kleefeld, GM of Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Harrison Friedes, Director of Research
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