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Thank you Luca at the Ronald C Wornick Jewish Day School for fundraising!

Luca Chiaro, a 7th grade student at Ronald Wornick Jewish Day School in Foster City, CA, fundraised f

Congratulations to Ryan Cooper!

One of our first volunteers, Ryan Cooper’s acting career just happens to be taking off! Fans of the

Safe Parking for unsheltered living in cars and RVs

Safe Parking programs are a safe and legal homelessness intervention for people who are living in the

Keeping Low-Income Renters in their Homes

One way to help alleviate homelessness is to keep vulnerable populations from losing theirs. This is

Churches step in to find innovative housing for the unsheltered

The phrase in homelessness circles, “Not in my backyard” has a response from church congregations

Ben Bartlett: “The stakes are our freedom!”

Protests across the country over the death of George Floyd have highlighted continuing racial discrep

Calgary welcomes homeless veterans to tiny home village

On November 1, 2019 a village of tiny homes for Canadian veterans in Calgary welcomed new tenants as

#KincadeFire Video Diary with Founder of Homes 4 the Homeless

On October 26, 2019 a small blaze near Geyserville, California, the Kincade Fire, fueled by 93 mph of