Homes 4 the Homeless

Affordable Housing for Sonoma County

Homes 4 the Homeless is proposing an affordable housing project for 5-10 people in Sonoma County based on a design created for Newark. The modular design is the creation of Think Wilder Architecture of West Orange, New Jersey, which is collaborating with Homes 4 the Homeless on future projects. The design would consist of four residential shipping containers, including one serving as a central common area with a kitchen and restrooms surrounded by three more containing five individual living apartments. These “clusters” could be duplicated throughout a site to house more people depending on the size of the property.


The site would serve as a showcase for modular construction for singles or couples with shared space for bathing, cooking, eating, and recreation. Our Community Transformation housing model takes clients through: 1) intake and stabilization; 2) focus on goals and future exit strategy; and 3) preparation to reintegrate into the greater community. The housing will be supported by our newly trained staff of case workers that will provide individual care for those in need of shelter. We are actively recruiting volunteers and raising funds for this important project. Call us at 707-243-8022 to learn more and get involved.