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Tiny Home Villages Springing Up Around United States

From Seattle to Austin, from Cincinnati to Santa Rosa, tiny home villages are springing up across the

Power Outage Reminds Fire Victims What It’s Like to be Homeless

Two years after the wildfires, the PG&E power outage reminds us that many are still experiencing home

Watch Our First Video on Second Anniversary of the Tubbs Fire

Two years ago today, October 8, 2017, the Tubbs Fire swept down upon our community and, for many, bro

Senior Homelessness Expected to Triple – USA Today

(USA Today) Seniors are particularly vulnerable to financial and health disasters that can leave them

7 Reasons Why Tiny Homes Will Help the Homeless Crisis

Homes 4 the Homeless tiny homes and storage containers will be there for you when you need them. In t

Thank You, NextGear Capital

During the fires many of the cars for our rental car agency in Fulton and at the Charles Schulz - Son

WSJ: Trump Admin Considers Action on Homeless in California

(Wall Street Journal) President Trump is bringing an unprecedented amount of attention to the homeles

LA Times Opinion: I’m 73 and I live in a van. No place for me…

A heartbreaking account from the September 9, 2019 Los Angeles Times by Lavonne Ellis, a retired news

Thank You, Farmers Insurance

When the fires happened my wife and I lost everything, but thanks to companies like Farmers Insuranc

NY Times Opinion: The Power of Altruism

When the fire chief decided to dock pay for excessive unexcused absences, why did the number of unpai