Homes 4 the Homeless

WANTED: 2 X 20 foot Shipping Containers 4 the Homeless

  • 2 X 20 foot Shipping Containers to Convert to Homes 4 the Homeless
  • Volunteers Welcome

Homes 4 the Homeless invites you to be part of a revolution in affordable housing. Using automotive-based, modular homes and containers, our new nonprofit business is offering transitional housing for victims of natural disasters and homelessness, anywhere rapid-response housing is needed to help victims recover and find long-term residency.

Homes 4 the Homeless was founded by those made homeless in the 2017 wildfires and we understand the needs of our community in helping those without shelter. We are seeking the donation of two (2) 20 foot steel shipping containers for delivery to Fulton, California. We are also seeking all the furnishings, hardware and tools required to convert these containers into show models for our modular housing concept. We also understand the need of community involvement to make a difference for those without housing, so we invite you to join our team.

While we seek to repurpose unused shipping containers, we have also partnered with the largest producer of shipping containers in the world with the ability to fulfill any size order as urgency requires. These mass-produced, prefabricated, modular homes can be deployed internationally via intermodal shipping and freight for transport to areas with a chronic shortage of affordable housing. We chose to apply as a Nonprofit Corporation so that we can help those in need, from victims of disaster, economic homelessness, disability, mental illness and drug addiction. When our friends and neighbors live without shelter, the entire community pays the price. Please volunteer today.


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Below is a 3D model of modular apartments that could be used as transitional, rapid-response housing.