Homes 4 the Homeless

Tiny Home Villages Springing Up Around United States

From Seattle to Austin, from Cincinnati to Santa Rosa, tiny home villages are springing up across the United States in response to skyrocketing housing and real estate prices.

Turns out many are realizing the advantages of living a simpler life style.  Spending less on housing and utilities means more money for your own happiness and personal welfare.

Search Tiny House Villages is a website claiming 247 listings for tiny house villages all over the United States in case you feel like dipping a toe into the market.

Our home town of Santa Rosa, California, which posted the third most rural homeless population following the wildfires of 2018, made headlines in September for building just 14 tiny homes for veterans.

Homes 4 the Homeless believes tiny house villages using shipping containers, or micro-subdivisions as some are calling them, can be the volume solution to the current homeless crisis.  Modular construction techniques can lower the cost while increasing the speed of construction, which is what we feel is needed.

Illustrated here is new concept art of a “Master Plan” of a Tiny House Village using shipping containers.  The mini-micro-subdivision would have over 100 beds, including accommodations for those with disabilities, families as well as units for singles.  There is a vegetable garden, amphitheater and other comforts like toilets, shower rooms, eating areas and recreational areas.  Rather than a permanent living space, these communities would be highly organized to help residents “transition” from homelessness to a lifestyle and permanent residence that meets their needs.

There is no one solution to homelessness, but we feel that giving the homeless a refuge for a short period of time is the first step in leading a better life.  Even those not affected by homelessness are learning the advantages.

Below are two videos from Youtube of recent news stories about Tiny House Villages for the homeless.  Please join our efforts to add more of these around the world to help the homeless.