Homes 4 the Homeless

WANTED: Donations of Building Materials for Tiny House Trailers

Long the toy of vacationers and retirees, travel trailers in recent years have unfortunately become the only shelter to thousands of people and families forced into homelessness. Homes 4 the Homeless has zeroed in on modular housing innovations in a tiny house format, but in the near-term we want to accelerate our research into various techniques of transitional housing.

Tiny house trailers have become a sensation for adventurous, off-the-grid minimalists. For a few thousands dollars, resourceful do-it-yourselfers create feats of imagination, from tiny versions of traditional homes to unique masterpieces of modern architecture. Look on YouTube or Pinterest for an endless carousel of ideas. The footprint of tiny house trailers is very similar to our modular housing approach, and having wheels fits with our need for transitional, rapid-response housing that is intermodal, mobile and reusable.