Homes 4 the Homeless

Thank You, Workshop Architects!

A big thank you is in order. What started as a chance meeting with an architect has catapulted Homes 4 the Homeless into the thick of rapid response, transitional housing. In normal times, we might not have had such an opportunity to work with an architecture firm like Workshop Architects, but now with the COVID19 Pandemic and social distancing, we have the luxury of working with ten or more architects at a time, face-to-face via Zoom virtual meetings!

Workshop Architects, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is part of the Workshop Group: an award-winning global alliance of strategists, architects, designers, owners and operators. The Workshop Group has established a new paradigm in higher education, bringing a wide range of design disciplines under one integrated offering making your brand experience singular, welcoming and inspiring.

As a one-stop shop, Workshop not only handles architecture, design, planning, programming and research, but also interior design, space planning, experience design, furniture selection, furniture design and retail design. Not to mention communications, collateral, branding, graphics, logos, fundraising and wayfinding.

We bumped into one of their team members while they were visiting the area, consulting with the Santa Rosa Junior College. We were surprised and pleased for their offer to volunteer with us, becoming our project leader, and after talking up our project with the mother ship back in Milwaukee, the entire firm has jumped in with both feet.

Workshop Architects has volunteered to consult with us on our brand development and full site development for three proposed projects in Sonoma County. With the Coronavirus lockdown, the firm has more time on their hands to do pro-bono work, with Homes 4 the Homeless being the beneficiary.

On behalf of everyone from Homes 4 the Homeless, and those experiencing homelessness everywhere, thank you, Workshop Architects!  With the help of one architect we’ve made great strides, but with a whole architectural firm behind Homes 4 the Homeless, we expect to make a big dent in the difficult problem of homelessness, which many expect to multiply from the pandemic shutdown.

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