Homes 4 the Homeless

FastCompany Highlights Container Homes for the Homeless

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(FastCompany) Business magazine FastCompany in 2018 covered a 22-unit building leased by the University of California. The modular, stackable container homes would come fully built inside and put together like legos in four days, a process that would take a year with traditional building methods.

Developer Panoramic Interests created the project. Another design called MicroPad is only 160 square feet.

Panoramic Interests Owner Patrick Kennedy says it’s “… the most efficient way to provide  housing for the homeless.”

“The most efficient way to provide  housing for the homeless.”

— Patrick Kennedy, Owner, Panoramic Interests

The story reported that San Francisco spends more than $300 million per year on homelessness. (San Francisco Chronicle).

Read the entire article at FastCompany

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