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Hope village has arrived!

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Newark, NJ – March 8, 2021 – Mayor Ras J. Baraka; Sakinah Hoyte, City of Newark’s Homelessness Czar; Mike Loganbill, VP and COO of Homes 4 the Homeless; and Craig Mainor, Executive Director of United Community Corporation launched NEWARK Hope Village today. The innovative 90-day program using converted containers to shelter residents who are at-risk or without addresses is located at 79 Newark Street in Newark.

What is unique about this village is that the containers have been converted into fully code-compliant modular residences, consisting of dorm-style rooms, two utility structures with private shower rooms, and a multipurpose structure. These units meet all the standards for permanent residential housing. The rooms have furnishings including a heater, bunk bed for extra storage and a dresser.

From start to finish Homes 4 the Homeless completed Hope Village in a record 45 days. With our manufacturing partner Custom Containers 915 we were able to meet all federal, state, and local building codes for permanent residential housing. Homes 4 the Homeless has and will continue consulting with the City of Newark on project management, design, budgeting, site planning, contracting the manufacturing, furnishing the units and identifying supportive services.  

A key innovation we want to bring to shelter design is modularization. We help our clients determine the feasibility of modular housing through expert research and consulting. Then we identify and contract with the best centralized manufacturing available, which helps save time and money building the units all in one place.

The rigid steel construction allows our container housing to be rapidly deployed via freight or truck and then placed and replaced to adapt to virtually any site regardless of size, shape, adjacencies, and available infrastructure.

The units are reusable and last for years so that the cost per person comes down to just a few dollars per night over the lifetime of the housing. We believe an inventory of modular housing will become a key addition to any comprehensive long-term housing strategy.

the process of

developing land

Due the generosity of participating land owners, Homes 4 the Homeless has the opportunity to develop village-like campuses that maximize resources and utilities for residents, the neighborhood and the entire community. Individual dorm-style rooms can be supported by utilitarian designs for dining, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, community centers and more. Several building sites are being developed with an eye on sustainable living and a sense of community belonging.


In the era of Covid19, non-congregate single bedrooms are crucial in a Housing First strategy. With safe, secure housing, residents now have the opportunity to transition back into society and we help nonprofits and municipalities identify service providers that will give residents the individualized care they need.

With these kinds of modular structures, our team and partners have the ability to adapt Village(s) to virtually any site regardless of size, shape, adjacencies, and available infrastructure.

Easily deployed to areas in need, and as easily removed when necessary, modular housing can serve as the perfect solution to the housing and homeless crisis in America and abroad.

Multi-Application Transitional Structures (MATS)

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MATS Purpose-built Transitional, Modular Shelters

Homes 4 the Homeless is exploring innovative ways of sheltering people that are affordable and rapidly deployed. Members of our volunteer networked have developed a breakthrough method of creating modularized shelters out of composite materials that are environmentally friendly and nearly impervious to extreme weather.

Housing solutions

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Enjoy the slideshow above with examples from across the internet of exciting and provocative designs showing the many forms effective housing can take. These are just a few examples of the types of housing Homes 4 the Homeless is researching to ensure the best possible combination of product, price and schedule. With our talented team of experienced site and community planners, Homes 4 the Homeless can provide the best possible opportunity for success on any project all while adding a layer of knowledge and compassion.