Homes 4 the Homeless

Our People


Steve Schneider

Founder & CEO

A 40 year veteran of business, including alternative fueled automobiles, finance and the auto rental industry, Steve was inspired to launch our organization after he lost his home in the wildfires of 2017. READ MORE

Michael Loganbill

Vice President & COO

Michael is a licensed architect and landscape architect with Volz Company. He has extensive experience in project management and master planning, having worked on public, academic and corporate campuses ranging in size from half an acre to over 500 acres.

Alex Campbell

Community Development, Corporate Secretary

Alex has 30 years experience in marketing, public relations and communications in the alternative energy and automotive industries. He has also worked for more than a decade as a volunteer and board member for local non-profits.

Karla Reyes


We are excited to welcome Karla Reyes to our team as our Outreach Coordinator. Karla brings a great deal of compassion to our nonprofit and has worked in the community for several years helping alleviate homelessness. She first got involved through working with town councilor Rosa Reynoza of Windsor, California. She also volunteered with Queen Tran, owner of Queen Nail Spa in Windsor, delivering aid directly to those in need. She has volunteered with St. Vincent de Paul Society Kitchen in Railroad Square and with Catholic Charities. Karla attended Windsor High School and her work experience includes several years with Freeman Toyota and Lexus in Santa Rosa as a Service Advisor. She did portfolio management at First American Home Buyers Protection. She was the Admin Coordinator for WorldMark Windsor Resort. Karla currently works with Ace Rent a Car and lives in Sebastopol with her son. In her spare time she volunteers with her Church and is interested in helping those suffering from cancer.

Stephen Smulan


Stephen is a recent graduate from Sonoma State University, who studied Economics with an emphasis on the Environment. His experience in sales, construction, and project management has helped accelerate our delivery time. Stephen also brings valuable insights from building container housing in Kona, HI. 

Muhammad Mohsin

grant coordinator

Muhammad lives in Pakistan and consults with various companies, entrepreneurs and nonprofits in accounting and finance, management, creative solutions, fundraising strategies and grant writing. For the past several years he has worked at Norson Chemical Industries in accounting and finance. Prior to this he worked in Galaxy IT Store in bookkeeping, sales, customer service and inventory. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Accounting & Finance from Superior University of Lahore. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Al Syed College of Commerce. He speaks English, Urdu and Punjab. In his spare time he does social work to help the poor, enjoys reading and playing games.

Jason PonCIA


Jason is a world traveler, outdoorsman, and minister with a heart to help humanity and solve the problem of homelessness in the world. He grew up going to bible school and formed connections with friends in over 160 countries. From an early age he took up a spiritual calling to become a missionary in South India, Uganda, and Mexico. He spent five years on mission to Peru where he organized help ministries in several villages, doing whatever needed to be done, building, planting crops, digging wells, irrigation, and connecting people with volunteer doctors. Jason loves to travel with some of his best memories from Japan and the Philippines. For several years he pastored a church. More recently he spent several years volunteering to help those experiencing homelessness at Sam Jones Hall, part of Catholic Charities. Currently he is doing legal work and is developing a drive-through coffee shop. He loves sports, skiing, the outdoors and lives in Santa Rosa with his two daughters and son.

stephanie wanjugu

In-house counsel

“We rise by lifting others.” The quote by Robert Ingersoll summarizes Stephanie Wanjugu’s mantra in life, her choices, and her life purpose. She believes in working with people and making the world a better place because no man is an island, and we are social human beings who depend on one another in one way or the other. She is a trained Lawyer, PR expert, and philanthropist who has been involved in numerous charity works in Kenya. The three areas of expertise include working with people, listening to their needs and challenges, and providing required solutions geared towards promoting the success and happiness of her clients. She is an experienced legal researcher on policy formulation, data collection, and study with demonstrated experience in general advisory, reviewing policies, and legislation, drafting pleadings and briefs. She has been a freelancer for about six years now, and one of her policy formulation works was adopted by the Kenyan Government through the Ministry of Education. She was among the team involved in drafting the Office of Career Services in Kenya (, which was meant to enhance the production of prepared holistic graduates for entry into the workforce and entrepreneurship as a way of curbing joblessness in the country. Seven universities have since adopted the policy in the country. 

She is also a skilled Public Relations expert with the ability to relate to different publics. Moreover, she is adept at formulating, designing, and implementing clients’ feedback and crisis management. 

Finally, she is a philanthropist who dedicates her time and resources whenever necessary to ensure that she makes the world a better place. She has volunteered for numerous organizations in the country, including but not limited to ONWARDS Kenya, PAMBIO, Muthengi Foundation, and Ficha Uchi Campaign, where she served as the head of operations. 

She possesses strong writing, proofreading, and editing skills because of her career background in both law and PR. Her other areas of expertise include copywriting, managing social media accounts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Keyword research to promote the visibility of both social media pages and websites.

She attended the University of Nairobi for her LLB degree, UC Berkeley for her LLM, and Daystar University for her Public Relations degree. Currently, she has enrolled at the Kenya School of Law for her diploma in law and admission to the bar. 

Harrison Friedes


Harrison is a research and marketing analyst interested in understanding the true roadblocks to addressing the housing crisis and promoting what we can do to overcome them. Contact him at harrison for all questions or comments.

Diana Rumrill


Diana is a top-performing training and development specialist. With expertise in directing cross-functional teams to improve business efficiencies and employee engagement levels for substantial revenue growth, Diana is skilled in collaborating with team members to identify and achieve business objectives.  

Isaiah Machin


Isaiah is a recent graduate from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Driven by a passion to help those less fortunate than him, Isaiah is interning with Homes 4 The Homeless and excitedly helps out with everything he can. Isaiah continues to assist us with tasks ranging from lifting construction equipment to grant writing. He hopes to use his background in Economics to  become an expert in grant writing and other financial fields and have that money help those who are most in need.

yash mehta

lead designer

An award-winning designer with a passion for understanding the social impact of architectural change and realizing ideas drawn on paper into built projects. Yash is a founder of 2 non-profits, established in the USA & in India. He has worked around the globe and has experience with a variety of building typology from drawing to construction. His love towards architecture & passion to help people aligns him well with the H4h goals.

Zayn King-dollie


Zayn recently relocated to Sacramento CA from Sydney Australia and was immediately struck by the homeless situation in the city.  Wanting to learn more and what potential solutions could look like he came across H4H via our VP & COO Mike Loganbill and immediately got involved in activities in and around Sacramento.  With a professional background spanning tech, education, and non profit in a variety of different settings from Africa to Asia, he brings his extensive project management, stakeholder engagement and customer success experience to the table. He’s currently at Bitwise Industries, a custom software development firm based in Fresno CA.  “Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and centre your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements” is the Baha’i quote which drives Zayn’s engagement with the community and involvement in social impact initiatives.  

christina meyers

grant writer

Christina has been growing organizations organically since 2000.  Her gregarious spirit coupled with executive project management experience has achieved top results.  Most recently she worked in the Global Mobility Industry, helping Fortune 1000 companies relocate their employees globally.  Christina is based in Santa Clara, California and enjoys learning about holistic healing practices.  

Chris Barnett

grant writer

Chris is a graduate of Gonzaga University, earning a bachelor of business administration in International Business and Human Resources.  Mr. Barnett is recognized by the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC) as a Certified Relocation Professional (CPR) and a Global Mobility Specialist (GMS).  Based in Santa Clara, California, Chris has a passion for travel and learning about wines. 

Board of Directors

Steve Schneider

Founder & CEO

A 40 year veteran of business, including the auto rental industry, Steve was inspired to launch our organization after he lost his home in the wildfires of 2017. READ MORE


Executive Director

Joe Moore is a veteran contractor in Sonoma County who oversees building operations. He owns Joe Moore Painting and Roofing in Windsor, California.

Larry Jackson

Chief Legal Counsel

Larry R. Jackson of Boesch Law Group received his law degree from Indiana University, and has earned degrees from both Ball State University and Princeton Theological Seminary.

Advisory Board

Heidi richardson

advisory board

Heidi is deeply passionate about environmental welfare and social issues and serves in a number of board capacities towards that end. “Let’s all make the world a better place,” she says and  believes governance of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) should be automatic. 

She says it was the reason she joined as Managing Director for Graystone Consulting, because it gives her investment knowledge purpose in tumultuous economies. She is an Institutional Consultant and Investment Manager with more than 30 years experience building SRI and Values-based portfolios. Specializes in building and managing sustainable and values-based portfolios for nontaxable endowments, foundations, and family office clients. Advises clients on overall strategic asset allocation and tactical and opportunistic investing. Asset classes include equity, fixed income, and a variety of alternatives including hedge funds, private investments and commodities.

Ben Bartlett

advisory board

Hon. Ben Bartlett, Berkeley City Council, is an environmental lawyer and respected community leader. His initiative to use pre-fabricated modular homes was the first in the nation.

As the son of political activists, Ben learned the value of community and the necessity of progress. Those values of innovation, opportunity, and inclusion continue to inform his work. His life’s mission is to use innovation to expand opportunity, protect the environment, and help people achieve their dreams.

Recently he voted to support legislation seeking to streamline Accessory Dwelling Units, also known as granny flats or in-law units, in order to encourage new housing units across the state. He also supports the creation of a Small Home Building Standard
Code to provide guidelines for the construction of ADUs. He also introduced legislation for “Step Up” housing to address homelessness.  Learn more at the Ben for Berkeley Website.

Ryan Cooper


Ryan is a model and actor, and has been in prestigious fashion campaigns – DKNY, Armani, Hugo Boss, and acts in TV and film with stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Mckinnon and Zoë Kravitz.

An Australian by birth, Ryan was raised by missionary parents in Papua, New Guinea. He worked for several years in construction, including building housing out of shipping containers.

He lives in New York with his daughter and in his spare time does personal fitness training.

Andrew schneider

Board Member

Andrew Schneider is the founder of The Family Office Networks, helping manage investments and philanthropy for his international network of clients. He is also the CEO of the group Global Hedge Fund Advisiors, and a founding member of hedgeCo Networks, with oversees more than 7,000 hedge funds. He is the cousin of Homes 4 the Homeless Founder Steve Schneider.

Wayne kleefeld

Board Member

Congratulations to Wayne Kleefeld for being named CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County. Kleefeld previously held the general manager position at Habitat of Sonoma County ReStore for three years. Prior to joining Habitat in 2017, Kleefeld was in the mortgage industry for 30 years, served as regional manager of job creation and economic development for the Canadian government, and owned two stores under a home movie and video game franchise.

Wayne distinguished himself as general manager of our ReStore, leading that enterprise to become one of the top performing ReStores in the larger Habitat for Humanity organization. The group’s ReStore sells furniture, building materials and antiques to the public, raising funds for its efforts to build affordable housing with its established practice of getting the potential owners to contribute “sweat equity.” Since its founding in 1984, the group states, it has build 47 homes and has three in the planning stages.

Kevin Schneider

Board Member

Kevin served as CEO of for 16 years. Later he founded ChasetheWeb and co-founded SOR Technology. Kevin is a skilled strategist and innovator and currently he is a Managing Partner for KE Holdings. 

Del Christensen

Board Member

Chief of Global Business Development for the Bay Area Council, Del has worked in membership development, held leadership roles in the areas of cloud computing and cybersecurity, and currently oversees the Council’s trade and investment efforts in Shanghai, China.

Allen hemphill

board member

Veteran wine consultant Allan J. Hemphill cares deeply about homelessness and is advocating on behalf of the wine industry to reduce homelessness in Sonoma County and throughout California. Hemphill is the Chairman of Summit State Bank, owns his own winery consulting and management firm; is president of Laguna Custom Cellars, Inc., a winery venture capital firm and served as President of Associated Vintage Group, a winery service company.


Board Member

Lori Harvey is the Operations Supervisor of Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Sonoma County. Lori previously worked in the theatre department of Santa Rosa Junior College. She has a background in retail as well as interior design, with an emphasis on upcycling furniture.

Matt crosbie

advisory board

Matt Crosbie cares deeply about those experiencing homelessness. During his 20 years with the Santa Ros Police Department he has gained a unique perspective, particularly after the wildfires saw the unsheltered population rise dramatically. Recently he has led a community outreach effort for “at risk” youth to provide vocational training in partnership with the County of Sonoma Probation Department. He helped develop a pilot program and curriculum with Farrow Commercial Construction to provide hands-on training to young people learning several disciplines that address workforce shortages in the construction industry. Participants received $15 per hour from the Department of Rehabilitation and a certificate of completion. During his career he has served as a school resource officer at Santa Rosa High School. He has received extensive law enforcement training cares deeply about restorative justice. He is a proud father and lives with his family in Sonoma County.

david escobar

advisory board

David Escobar has served as an Administrative Aide to former Fourth District Supervisor Steve Kinsey in Marin County for 15 years, before taking the appointment with the Marin County Board of Supervisors, he served as a parole and probation officer with the Marin County Probation Department in the Adult Division. After 21 years of service with the County of Marin, he took an early retirement to take on the position of Director of the State mandated re-Entry and rehabilitation programs at San Quentin State Prison. David identifies as an indigenous Salvadoran, recognized as a member of the Lenca-Poton nation which encompasses the eastern region of El Salvador, Honduras and parts of Nicaragua. David has attended the Indigenous Permanent Forum at the United Nations in New York for several years as delegate with the American Indian Movement and on behalf of his maternal grandmother’s Poton community.  He was the former Director of Programs & Operations for the Multicultural Center of Marin non-profit in San Rafael and now Director of Prevention and Intervention for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma-Marin.

David has also worked as an adjunct professor, at Dominican University and has taught Indigenous Perspectives, Mayan Cosmologies. He has also taught pre-Columbian and Native studies at Holy Names University. David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from the New College, Masters in Organizational Leadership from Saint Mary’s College, competed a certificate in Higher Learning from the Bok Center at Harvard University. He is currently completing his dissertation at the California Institute of Integral studies in Anthropology and Social Change with an emphasis on Indigenous Cosmopolitanism. Mr. Escobar has been published in several publications including the Marin County Independent Journal, Nectar Magazine, Point Reyes Light and Kaiser Permanente’s Latino Association Newsletter which reaches several thousand members throughout the State of California.  David lives with his daughter Kila in Windsor and in their spare time, they both work diligently on a 1952 Chrysler lowrider. 

John Farrow

advisory board

Farrow Construction has built a reputation based on our guiding principles of inspiration, innovation, and integrity. We pride ourselves on having roots in our community that have enabled us to grow nationally. We build with the intention of exceeding client expectations in every phase of the job, and have a long history of transforming our clients’ ideas and visions into award-winning projects. Our extensive portfolio features industry-leading projects that showcase state-of-the-art renewable energy innovations, and we are committed to building relationships and strong foundations in the communities in which we work. This is the Farrow advantage.

For nearly 30 years, John Farrow has worked diligently to create a different kind of development and construction experience—one that focuses on people. Utilizing his keen leadership skills, John is able to strategize and develop business practices that encompass detailed planning, execution, and completion, and his industry expertise gives him deep insight into the subtle yet critical nuances of highly complex projects. Throughout his career, John has been driven by a desire to lead a construction company that is distinctively different, while following proven techniques for the benefit of its clients.

Executive Committee

shawn flynn

Executive Committee Member

Shawn Flynn spent 4 plus years living and conducting business in Beijing, China. While in China, he founded, grew, and profitably exited a successful education company. Shawn moved back to San Francisco to invest his experience, connections, and resources back into the world’s deepest and most vibrant technology ecosystem.

Shawn works with institutions, governments, and various capital sources, to help promote economic growth at a global scale. He is heavily involved in the Silicon Valley technology ecosystem of fast growing, high potential businesses. He has played a pivotal role to help multi-nationals, both pre and post-IPO companies including overseas “Unicorns”, set up operations in Silicon Valley while connecting prominent Silicon Valley companies with strategic and funding sources overseas.  Shawn’s contacts, talent, and energy are directed at achieving Global Capital’s Clients’ goal of maximizing shareholder value during liquidity and growth capital events.

Shawn is the founder of the award-winning podcast “The Silicon Valley Podcast”. He is passionate about building bridges that connect Silicon Valley to the rest of the world.

Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCSD and speaks Mandarin and Spanish.  He also holds FINRA Series SIE, 7, 24, 63, and 79 licenses.

Andriya Glessner full

Andriya Glessner

Health & Wellness Services Specialist

Andriya owns and operates ConserveAwater, Inc., providing superior plant protection technology to the agriculture industry. She has volunteered for earthquake relief in Haiti and a battered women’s shelter in Africa. Andriya is clinically certified in alcohol and drug treatment and has helped thousands of people achieve a clean and sober life. As Division Director for California Human Development she managed Sonoma County’s criminal justice and substance abuse programs with an annual budget of $2.4M with $150K profit.

Jonathan Parkhurst

Health & Wellness Services Specialist

A veteran of Desert Storm, Jonathan experienced homelessness for a short time in San Francisco before going on to become a tech entrepreneur and app developer. Now he is using his experience to give back and help others transition from homelessness as Safehavn’s founder and CEO.

Sara Bernate


Sara Bernate is an interior architect and designer who has worked on residential and hospitality projects throughout the Bay Area and Sonoma County. She is an avid environmentalist and long time enthusiast of the tiny house movement.  Sara is the principal and owner of Studio Beau Design in Healdsburg, CA. 

Ryan Rypka

Executive Committee Member

Ryan began his career in sales and operations in his home state of California, working with domestic and global rental car agencies and dealerships. During his time as an operation manager in the car industry, Ryan also became involved in philanthropy, becoming a part of the executive committee of Homes 4 the Homeless, a non-profit committed to developing modular, transitional housing for the vulnerable and unsheltered throughout the United States.

After his career in the car industry, Ryan moved to Jupiter, Florida where he began working as Vice President for Family Office Networks. Since joining the FON team, Ryan has been successful in creating and maintaining successful relationships with our clients. Since his transition to FON, Ryan enjoys spending his free time sky diving and enjoying the Florida weather.

Dave Cynkin

Executive Committee Member

Dave is a strategic advisor to CEO’s & Founders, with an entrepreneurial background in executive, investor and consultative roles. He also has experience with non-profit organizations and social causes including: funding cutting-edge cancer research and treatment; providing education, services and advocacy in underserved communities; homelessness relief initiatives, and more.

Vincent Horn

Executive Committee Member

Vince is an electrician who provides extensive guidance on the planning and preparation of our modular housing solutions.

Holly Bradley

Executive Committee Member

A licensed Real Estate Agent, Holly specializes in the financial impacts of home ownership and building personal wealth through real estate. 

Jim Glessner

Executive Committee Member

Founder and President of GST International, an environmental-friendly concrete manufacturer dedicated to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the concrete industry, Jim holds multiple patents in green chemistry. In response to the devastating losses caused by natural disasters and homelessness he founded MATS (Multiple Application Transitional Structures) to provide superior housing quickly and affordably to those in need.

Phillip Zeidman


Phillip is a licensed Architect and General Contractor in California and has worked on projects from Modular Construction, to Airport Simulation, Caltrans, US Utility Patents, as well as significant work for PG&E. Mr. Zeidman’s focus is on the technical aspects of housing for homelessness including building codes and permitting requirements. 

Chris Andersen

Executive Committee Member

Chris has extensive experience in the automotive and hospitality industries, including sales and marketing training with Ace Rental Cars and Hyatt Hotels. 

Myles Berry

Executive Committee Member

Myles “Rocco Bastiano” Berry suffered from homelessness and substance abuse in his younger years and has since helped hundreds of others become self-sufficient. As a teenager, Myles says he went down a wrong path, but was able to find help through recovery house operator PuraVida of Santa Rosa. Later he was hired at the company and was eventually promoted to head of operations, in charge of more than 100 individuals at any given time. 

Qiqi Fan

Executive Committee Member

Qiqi Fan is  a Director for HadalX, a developer of private submersibles and submarines for research and underwater tourism. During the pandemic she partnered with Veterans United to offer personal protective equipment for front-line medical workers. Qiqi assists Homes 4 the Homeless in communicating with suppliers in China.

Daniel Lowe

Executive Committee Member

WELD=N=THINGZ INC Website Daniel Lowe is the owner of WELD=N=THINGZ ™, a key partner in helping Homes 4 the Homeless develop our lines of container housing and bathroom prototypes. He is active in his community of Atwater, California to address rising homelessness, including serving on the Merced County Continuum of Care board.

Ginny Scales-Medeiros

Executive Committee Member

Ginny holds workshops on money management, credit recovery and negotiating skills that help the homeless become more self-sufficient. Her unusual story includes being on her own at the age of 15. Learn more at

Chenghao Qian

Executive Committee Member

Chenghao is volunteering his time helping with China-US Business Development. Studying for his Masters Degree in finance at University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Chenghao earned a Bachelors Degree in finance from the University of Missouri.

Richard Olivo

Executive Committee Member

Richard served in the Marines and is a 20 year veteran of the auto industry in sales, marketing and finance. He works for Credit Acceptance, a nationwide auto finance company. 

Ivonne Zhu

Executive Committee Member

Ivonne Zhu owns Appellations Cellar, starting as an exporter, and eventually establishing relationships with growers and wine makers throughout the region.  She cares deeply about the issue of homelessness and hopes to lead the local wine industry in confronting this crisis.

Aaron Heck

Executive Committee Member

Aaron is President and founder of HeckArt Studios, a premiere feature film production company and branding agency based in Los Angeles. He was also Director of Advertising and Promotions at F. Korbel and Bros., Inc., the largest and oldest producer of Méthode Champagne in the United States. 

Mark Eckhaus

Executive Committee Member

As Chief Executive Manager of Eckhaus Fleet, one of the largest independent fleet supply companies in the United States, Mark supplies rental companies and other fleet buyers with new and used vehicles. 

Tom Cody

Executive Committee Member

Tom Cody is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field of eye wear and optical technologies.  His companies include Zero G Titanium Eyewear, Born in Brooklyn, and Masunaga1905. 

Rami Batarseh

Executive Committee Member

Rami Batarseh is a highly accomplished real estate professional with a 20-year track record of success and over $1 billion in real estate transactions in his career.  He is a Certified Investment Member (CCIM), a licensed California Real Estate Broker.

Lisa Schultz-Dau

Executive Committee Member

Lisa has over 30 years of Rental Car experience where her positions included Financial Analyst and Controller for multiple major Rental Car companies. She now focuses on Consulting, Accounting and Bookkeeping for small to mid-size businesses with an emphasis in the rental car industry.

Robert Dau

Executive Committee Member

Robert has over 37 years of experience in every aspect of the Rental Car industry. An accomplished and results-oriented executive, he developed and executed short- and long-term strategies.

bogdan demetrescu

Executive Committee Member

Bogdan holds an MBA and an Engineering Degree and has more than 20 years experience in the auto industry in product development, strategic planning and operations for Ford and General Motors. He is currently General Manager Remarketing Operations North America at Daimler AG.

Irvin Klein

Executive Committee Member

Irvin Klein is an architect who has done a variety of projects both residential and commercial, new architecture, remodels and interiors. Click Here to see some of his work

Kevin pollack

Executive Committee Member

Working for the prestigious law firm Robins Cloud LLP’s Santa Monica office, Mr. Pollack has a diverse background, having experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation, and prosecuting criminal cases as a Deputy City Attorney for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. While in law school, he volunteered with Street Law San Diego working with inner-city high school students. 


angelicA candelas

Angelica cares deeply about the plight of migrant children suffering conditions of homelessness on the border. She is bilingual and grew up in Guatemala, is a businesswoman, teachers aid, and certified barrista with management experience, event planning, volunteer management, content creation and customer service. 

Currently she is employed by the Cypress School of Autism and Behavioral Services as a teachers aid, developing curriculum and providing one-on-one student assistance as well as many other functions in the classroom. Previously she was a manager at The Good Cup Coffee Shop in Xela, Guatemala. She also served as a quality control tech at Straus Family Creamery in Petaluma. She holds a Minors degree in Psychology from University Rafael Landivar in Guatemala. She coordinates volunteer events for the Church Unstoppable in Santa Rosa. She lives in Santa Rosa, holds an Entrepreneur Certificate from the SRJC and is in the process of starting a drive-through coffee shop.

Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas lives in Newark, New Jersey and was one of the volunteers instrumental in helping to complete the landmark shelter Newark Hope Village, praised so highly by Mayor Ras Baraka and featured prominently in the local press. Mr. Thomas said when he was younger he went down a wrong path, but with the help of his mother, a former police officer, and his close friend Pastor Max he has turned to street ministry to help others, volunteering his time at several local shelters doing motivational speeches and leading support group discussions. 

He started his own nonprofit charity called Love-Helps Inc. providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. Currently he works in the service department at a local dealership. In his spare time he is studying IT and digital marketing.

Miguel Cruz

Miguel has had some experience with homelessness as a young man in Mexico and now with Homes 4 the Homeless he wants to give back. He lives in Sonoma County with his wife and two children. An experienced carpenter, Miguel has his own business MC Junk Removal.

Ronald Montgomery

Ronald Montgomery has worked in construction for 34 years and specializes in operating heavy machinery, equipment and tractors. He has especially fond memories of his first big project for Ghilotti Construction, building Coffey Park in Santa Rosa.

Nancy Hayssen

Nancy Hayssen is owner of Virtual Tour Maps, and has worked for over 25 years as an Internet Marketing Strategist from SEO, website development, email campaigns, brand awareness, PR, publishing to the development of entrepreneurial training success programs. 

Jerry Lang

Jerry has been an auto dealer for 55 years and wants to convert his property in Santa Rosa to a modular village for those experiencing homelessness.

John McAuliffe

McAuliffe is General Manager of the Hyatt. Since graduating in 2010, he has worked in ten different hotels in seven cities and six states. 

Alexes Aragon

Alexes has wanted to help the homeless ever since the 2017 wildfires devastated our community. She was a cosmetologist for many years and had always wanted to help out by giving haircuts to the homeless. She has experience in the auto industry, working at dealerships and helping customers with vehicle registration services.

Ernesto Rivas

Ernesto learned to weld in 2006 saying “The moment I saw the fusion process I was hooked.” In 2007 he graduated from Clearfield Job Corp with a certification in welding. He started working with Dan Lowe of WELD=N=THINGZ™ in 2008 and the two have been working together ever since.

Rich Hayssen

Rich Hayssen grew up wanting to work in the culinary field and along the way earned experience by volunteering to cook and feed the homeless. Now he is a chef at Kendall Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens, a premier wine destination in the Sonoma County wine country.

Kevin Harper

Kevin is a builder and fabricator living in Santa Rosa. He is a licensed mechanical engineer and SRJC certified welder with more than 20 years for Keysight Technologies. Kevin has been volunteering for several organizations to help those affected by the recent wildfires and is happy to join us to continue this effort.

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