A new trend in affordable housing...

The idea of the tiny house village is not a new idea but one that has come full circle from ancient times to the cutting edge of urban living. Many claim that the tiny house movement brought about these villages popping up around the world, but there is no denying the rising cost of housing and construction is making this idea, as well as whole communities, thrive.

These tiny communities hold serious potential for helping improve people’s lives and elevating the quality of life throughout the community. Tiny home owners spend more time on the finer things in life, so imagine bringing hundreds of these types of people together? The spark of doing more with less, working together, sharing and pooling resources are the staples of tiny home communities.

Tiny home villages are a big part of our plans to help the homeless, so contact us today to start planning for yours. Below is a high resolution version of new concept art we commissioned of a tiny home village that would house 100+ people.