To better inform our organization along with the general public, Homes 4 the Homeless is writing a collection of summaries, analyses, and unique research pieces. Focused in our work is both the specifics of potential housing solutions as well as the widescale view of the housing and homeless crisis.

Modular Construction HARRISON FRIEDES

11/14/20 – A summary of research article by Erica Barnett, this piece analyzes and explains the different approaches to constructing modular housing and the potential benefits each brings in affordability.

Prefabricated Housing HARRISON FRIEDES

11/02/20 – A summary of research paper by Andrew Watson (B.Sc.) which identifies the structural causes of homelessness and describes how prefabricated shipping container housing act as a solution.

Tiny House Villages HARRISON FRIEDES

10/16/20 – A summary of research paper by Rebecca Coleman, this paper examines the efficacy of tiny houses in addressing the homelessness crisis with an emphasis on Alameda County.

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