Container Homes and Apartment Rentals

Rent Homes 4 the Homeless

Contact us today to RENT or BUY a tiny home from Homes 4 the Homeless.  We believe the best way to help someone living on the streets is to give them temporary relief by offering a short-term place to live. Once they find the rest and peace they need to revitalize their spirit, they will be in a much better situation to find a more permanent residence.

Renting eliminates the up-front cost of ownership for tenants and programs designed to alleviate homelessness, helping to make a better short-term impact on the community. Our nonprofit Homes 4 the Homeless believes that partnerships with local governments and homeless non-profits can fill the short-term need for rapid rehousing by offering rentals to the homeless at a targeted cost of under $500.

Shipping container homes are especially adaptable to the rental business model as they can be delivered as easily as a car on a flatbed truck. Depending on supply, rental containers can be deployed within days to areas of extreme homelessness.

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Call or write to us today to let us know your rental needs. Let's work together to take on the challenge of homelessness together. Partner with us today!