Homes 4 the Homeless


Community Transformation

Our Community Transformation Solution contains key strategies to quickly and efficiently (within 4-6 months) expand shelter and housing capacity through a large service-enriched campus.

At the heart of our model is the creation of a supported and guided path that takes our residents from initial intake all the way through reintegration into the community.


  • Step 1:  Intake and Stabilization

  • Step 2:  Transform with Focus on Goals and Future Exit Strategy 

  • Step 3:  Prepare to Reintegrate into the Greater Community

The services provided, types of housing units, individual goals, etc. vary at each of the three steps creating an aspirational journey where residents, at their own pace and based on their own circumstances, graduate from one step to the next as they meet certain criteria.

Along the way, the journeys of each of our residents will be powered and facilitated by innovative technology that manages data collection and then allows individual outcomes to be tracked, managed and improved upon.

Measurable Outcomes for Residents

  • A guided and supported path to self sufficiency
  • Engaged and enthusiastic partners in their own care
  • A place to live that is secure, warm, dry and safe
  • Access to essential, supportive services including mental health, addiction recovery and telehealth
  • Connection to primary healthcare and dental
  • Life skills and vocational training that is transferable to the job market

Measurable Outcomes for the Community

  • A method to measure outcomes and ensure accountability 
  • Generate reliable data and analytics that enables measurement of key outcomes
  • Workforce development, with focus on skilled labor deficiencies
  • Cleaner, safer streets and neighborhoods
  • A strategy that is replicable and scalable

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