Our Mission

“Whoever you are, wherever you live — all of us are touched by homelessness. Even far from the city in  our own rural community, a natural disaster taught us that homelessness is never far away. We are building an action network of volunteers and like-minded individuals, organizations, professionals and government employees to fast-track ideas like storage container homes as a way to  alleviate homelessness.” -- Founder, Steve Schneider 


To rent modular homes as a low-cost, high volume solution to homelessness 

Vision statement

Renting tiny, transitional homes using ideas like storage containers and out-of-the-box residential partnerships help alleviate homelessness and elevate the entire community.


  • RESPECT I am polite, courteous, put aside my differences and treat those as I myself wish to be treated.
  • INTEGRITY  I promise to always keep my word with honesty and fairness while  performing to the best of my abilities and holding myself and others to  the highest ethical standards possible.
  • ALTRUISM I treat others with dignity and liberty, and believe we are all part of  humanity with a responsibility to help others, even if it means  sacrificing our own comfort
  • HARD WORK I do a  job and I do it right. I never waste my time nor other’s.  I show up  early and stay late. I never complain. I’m always safe.
  • TEAMWORK  I always put the needs of my team above my own needs. I welcome the help and ideas of others. I help my team members because when the team  succeeds, we all succeed.


Storage container homes and modular construction are transforming cities around the world helping people and families live better lives while helping the homeless transition

to affordable housing. We want to:

  • Become a leader in renting container homes, tiny homes and apartments for the homeless.
  • Be a focal point in alleviating homelessness in communities around the world.
  • Become an important conduit between the homeless and those seeking to help,  individuals, organizations, charities and government agencies, so all can participate and find a place they call home.

About Us

Intermodal shipping container homes are easy to deliver on the back of a tilt bed truck or trailer.




Renting makes housing more accessible to the homeless.

Join our team of volunteers, uniting our passions to help the homeless transition to find a place called home.




Add your energy to our cause for more Homes 4 the Homeless.

Everyone has something to give in helping the homeless. Volunteer your time or donate money, building materials or your expertise!




Financial aid as well as building materials and supplies are welcome.