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Homes 4 the Homeless is a Sonoma County based nonprofit established in 2019 to address rising homelessness in California and beyond (Tax ID (EIN): 84-2805734). The core mission of Homes 4 the Homeless is to use modular building techniques to provide safe, comfortable and cost effective rapid-response housing that will help those affected by homelessness transition to self-sufficiency.

By reducing the amount spent on housing costs, more funding will be available to put towards the services and support that this underserved community so desperately needs. The inspiration for our nonprofit came when our founder became homeless as a result of the Tubbs Fire in 2017 and he has been eager to find a solution for Sonoma County.

Our nonprofit business model offers significant advantages in reducing costs and harnessing good will to deliver 

superior results. We are eager to engage the County and related stakeholders, our partners and volunteer network, 

and most importantly the end users, to deliver this important piece of the larger effort to help reduce homelessness 

in Sonoma County.

The basic building block of our proposal is a 20-foot modular home we call the MiniMod which can house three 

to four people in private quarters. Supported by our partnership with CIMC, we have access to a supply chain of  MiniMods that can be delivered in volume within 75-90 days. These homes are built in the same footprint as shipping containers, are easily customized and are designed to be delivered folded down inside a 53-foot shipping container and assembled on-site by our team within hours. 

To ensure the proper distribution of support and amenities we organize our MiniMods into purposely sized Villages 

consisting of 11 structures: 9 MiniMods, one 20-foot bathroom/shower structure and one 53-foot kitchen/living room/

office structure. Each Village houses 33 people. Multiple Villages may be combined to leverage economies of scale 

and maximize amenities for residents.

Once a building site, or potential sites are identified, our team of Architects, Engineers and Builders will create a simple 

and resident-focused design that meets the needs of the end users, Sonoma County and relevant stakeholders. It is 

important to note that site utilities are NOT required in our community. Power, water and wastewater are handled in 

creative ways that allow up front construction costs to be kept to an absolute minimum. 


Indoor-Outdoor Shelter Sites(s) and Services for Homeless Individuals - Sonoma County, CA January 27, 2020 | 2


Modular Construction

The beauty of the MiniMod unit is its ability to use modular construction techniques, allowing us to use high-volume, 

high-quality processes that conform to regulations while saving time and lowering costs compared to traditional 

building methods. 


Our experience shows that these types of developments offer significant time savings over traditional construction 

methods. Modular building has reduced construction times to completion by 30-60 percent, according to our partners. 

They can also reduce the workforce at the construction location by as much as 50 percent. The intermodal nature of 

our MiniMods means they can be delivered quickly and efficiently via shipping, train, truck or flatbed.

Safe, Durable, Comfortable and Humane

When designed and adopted correctly, modular homes have been found to be extremely safe and durable structures. 

They allow for an interior build-out that would be comfortable by any standard, thus offering a respectful and humane 

way to house thouse experiencing homelessness. 

Flexible Design

Using these basic modular structures, our team has the ability to adapt our Village/s to virtually any site regardless of 

size, shape, adjacencies, and the presence (or not) of existing infrastructure.

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